10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Us

August 7,2019


I decided to take a moment and share some fun tid bits you might not know about us.



Kristin’s all time favorite place to be is home. I frequently feel embarrassed admitting that I don’t really have a lot of wanderlust. Sure, seeing the world would be great but truly at the end of the day I just want to sleep in my own bed.

Nick’s all time favorite place to be is on a beach with a margarita in his hand. This doesn’t sound half bad either.


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Kristin also loves food and drink photography. I love photographing things I love and enjoy. So food and drinks has to be the other thing I love to photograph after weddings.

Check it out here www.LeftofFrame.pro


Nick also shoots corporate interviews and news. He has worked for some pretty cool companies such as The Bachelor in Paradise, Comedy Central and CNN.

Check it out here www.digitalmediaproductions.tv



This might be more of a Kristin thing, but we have two Boxer mixes, Rocco and Stella, that she is obsessed with and Nick loves too. They are the absolute best. Well they might be a little crazy, especially Stella, and a little slobbery, especially Rocco, but they are the sweetest cutest pups to us.

We got Rocco together in 2017. He melted our hearts. Kristin pushed Nick into getting Stella in 2018. She is the exact opposite of Rocco. Together they are an amazing team.

We believe pets should be an equal part of your family. So please feel free to bring them to any session. We absolute love having them on engagement shoots or ring bearers at your wedding!



Kristin loves to read self help books. They make me feel inspired to do better, to be better. Even if they don't actually help, they just make you feel good.

Nick loves to read……Instagram. There might not be many words but the time he spends on Instagram is noteworthy.


Nick thinks I’m cheap and he hates it. He would be right. I have no idea what I would wear if so many people didn’t give me hand-me-down clothes. I have to constantly replace items because I cheap out at first. I am usually just content with what I have.

Nick loves spending money and I hate it. Since Nick and I have joined financial forces he has become a lot better with money. When we first started living together and sharing bills, he brought my his pay check and wanted me to manage it for him.



Kristin’s favorite drink is kombucha. My all time favorite kombucha is Rowdy Mermaid’s Savory Peach.


Nick’s Favorite drink is definitely coffee and whiskey.