About Kristin & Nick

We love creating beautiful work that captures the feelings of a couple's most special day. We get to know you and infuse your personality into our work. Whether you are romantic, serious or hilarious we want to capture your relationship's spirit in every moment. 

We love elopements because we believe a
wedding should be about just the couple and them celebrating the start of their marriage. We love when couples can tailor make a day that is exactly what they want surrounded by the
people who truly matter. 

We specializes in small intimate weddings and mountain elopements exactly for those reasons. 

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Meet Kristin

I am sappy & emotional. I cry over sad movies - and not just the classic tear jerkers. I love my Boxers, Rocco & Stella, the Colorado mountains and of course photography. I get completely touched by elopements and always leave feeling inspired.

I love my job and naturally gravitate towards elopement photography. I love creating beautiful images that tell a couple's story. I love knowing that their wedding photos will decorate their home and be a constant reminder of why they love each other. 

Meet Nick

I love people as much as I love what I do. I am known for my corny jokes and laughing too loudly at them. I consider myself a tech guy and love the technical part of what I do, but I also love the fact that I get to create something couples will cherish forever. That is why I love weddings. I also love coffee, Tuaca and my amazing wife. 


Our Story

Nick always wants to make it more glamorous, but we met at Burger King when I went on a late night chicken fry run. It was one of those moments when you knew you had to have that person in your life. We have been like magnets ever since. We now are newlyweds and everything just keeps getting
better and better. 


I always tell Nick that I feel like we are special to have found each other. To get to spend forever with your best friend is a blessing and to get to work with him makes me feel like I live a dream I never want to wake up from. Telling other couple's love story fills us with happiness and I can't
wait to hear about yours.

You'll love us
~ if you prefer craft beer over fancy champagne
~ Believe a wedding lasts a day, but a marriage lasts a lifetime
~ Are a fan of four-legged friends
~ Find nature absolutely breathtaking
~ Love to laugh