Alani and David's wedding was absolutely magical. We got to video their wedding at Hudson Gardens in Denver, Colorado on September 16th. They are so perfect together and compliment each other so well. I really took what they said in their vows to heart. I loved that they said they will never talk bad about the other person during hard times. This is so important and something that gets overlooked too easily. I am also learning that apparently more grooms make their significant other breakfasts and delicious meals than I expected... A fun thing we did at this wedding was broadcasting their ceremony live to family who couldn't attend. It was neat to see the viewers come to the feed and watch their special moments. 

The speeches were perfect and made me laugh like I was a guests, especially when Alani's sisters said that they made her be the boy Barbie when they were little because boy Barbie's always have brown hair. Such great people, sentiment and so much love filled this wedding. 

~Villani Photos