Plan YOUR Perfect Elopement! 


Is Eloping for me? 

Elopements allow couples to create the perfect wedding for THEM. It silences everyone else opinions and allows for decisions that reflect only what the couple wants. It isn't about the seating charts, and inviting your grandmother's best friends but rather the beautiful commitment two people are making. The only people who have a say are you and your partner and that can be such a beautiful fun thing because.... 

You Get to Add Your Uniqueness 

If you want to wear a red dress, bring your dogs and have a ceremony for two on top of a mountain top, you can. You can customize your wedding and make it exactly how you want.

Eloping & Intimate Weddings Take Much Less Planning 

The thought of planning a huge wedding sends many stomachs into a tight knot and many of the choices you don't really care about. The joy of eloping is that the choices are cut and you get to put your energy into the choices that really matter. There are lots of great wedding planners out there too that specialize in elopements. Click HERE for planners. 

You Can Celebrate for Less Money

And celebrate you should. When eloping you can go big while still saving compared to an extravagant wedding. A typical wedding adds up so fast and by the end the pieces you were most excited for have fallen away so you can buy invitations, feed and have wedding favors for 200 people. If your heart is set up on having a celebration with hundreds of people, then you absolute should, but if not eloping might be a great option. 


How to Start Planning

Create a Vision

Start with asking what you and your partner like, what makes you specialize. Do you love traveling, camping and going to concerts or are you would you prefer a quite night in with your adorable puppy. No matter what kind of things you enjoy you can add them into your elopement plan. I love Pinterest for starting to find things that inspire you. By the end you can see what all your pins have in common. 

Pick a Location 

What do you enjoy? Do you enjoy skiing in the mountains, or hiking in the mountain or anything in the mountains. MmmMM Colorado - pick Colorado

Below is a list of my personal favorite elopements spots in Colorado

Breckenridge - Sapphire Point 

Colorado Springs - Garden of the Gods 

Estes Park - Sprague Lake Pier 

Boulder - Chautauqua Park

Decide if You Want to Hire a Planner 

Planners can take away so much stress. I highly recommend planners especially if you are traveling from out of state. They can help find delicious restaurants, set you up with a amazing room and help plan the activities from when you arrive to when you depart. 

Hire Your Dream Team 

Make the day your own by really picking a team you love. Make sure you are going to be thrilled with your dress, tux, flowers, cake, photos, video and food. Since you don't have to pay for as many people, you can splurge on making sure you get everything you want. 


Plan for the Elements 

Whether you are eloping in the spring, summer, fall or winter, I always recommend having a back up location in case the weather gets bad. You never want to plan a gorgeous elopement and then get married somewhere you absolutely hate because you didn't make a back up location plan. It can be as simple as a shelter down the road, or a completely alternative venue. I also suggest always bringing umbrellas for you and your guests. Colorado weather is known to be unpredictable and having umbrellas can make for absolutely stunning images out of a wet afternoon. 

If you are doing any kind of hiking or outdoor activity plan appropriate shoe wear. Winter weddings can be gorgeous with some warm boots or dance heels make a better shoe for walking down a path than spiked stilletheos. 

For winter weddings, bring a cute shawl or fur. You will be thankful when you aren't freezing or wearing your everyday Columbia coat in your photographs.