Until I really started getting serious about wedding photography, I didn't think too much about style in any aspect of my life. As I started to find my own photography style, I started to think about what my clothing style, decorating style, my go to drink, what I am drawn to all the time. I learned I feel most comfortable in jeans, ok let's be honest, yoga pants, a plan shirt and hoop earrings. I like to decorate with simple plain items. My go to drink is a red beer with olives or a gin a tonic and my photography is full of rich colors. 

I love capturing candid moments as well as portraits of people. I like to see the details in people expressions and this makes me drawn to closer up images. I don't like grain. In fact, I take a lot of time, thought process and effort to remove it or eliminate it from the beginning. 

I think light is so important and I don't believe natural light is the best light. I love strobes and I constantly feel challenged by them. I love having epiphany moments and seeing how much light can change things. 

I love artistic style photographs, especially in wedding photography. Today I found some photographers who I instantly fell in love with, Two Mann Studios. The post that introduced them said you would look at their work and feel defeated and put down your camera or inspired. I definitely feel inspired and I think with time, determination and practice I can be in their shoes. 

~Villani Photos