There is always one thing that stands out at each wedding. For this one, it was that I was constantly holding back tears. There was so much love and such strong connections. It was like watching an episode of "This is Us" in real life. Karly and her dad are adorable. There first dance, his speech and their first look made me tear up every time. The real tear jerker was Karly, Devin and their son Wyatt. This is one reason why I love wedding videos. It captures emotion in a different way. Remembering your new husband promising to be an amazing father to your son as they both hold back tears is great but being able to see and hear is over and over is priceless. When Nick and I got married I wasn't too caught up with the video, but it is one of the things I am the most thrilled to have. There are huge moments you miss as a bride. I missed my niece and nephew coming down the aisle and Nick getting ready. It is such a different way of remembering these key moments to have them on video. I am so glad we got to capture Karly and Devin's wedding. It was such a gorgeous day full of love. They call their immediate family their pack, and I could not love this way of thinking more. 

~Villani Photos