I love winter weddings and adventurous couples. This wedding was in Estes Park in January and was so so cold. We all bundled up, filled our gloves with hand warmers and headed to Sprague Lake - where I had the blondest moment of my life. When I shoot weddings I get into a zone. All I think about is the shot. I have always been leery of frozen bodies of water and can't really swim. This wedding took place on the peer. I, so focused on getting all angles of the ceremony, walked onto the frozen lake and all the way around the peer to get the shots I wanted. I didn't realize I did that until I was driving home and had the shocking realization that I was so thrilled the day didn't end incredibly different. 

I will always love winter weddings, but I am going to make a note to pay attention to my surroundings. 

This couple was absolutely amazing and they and their families were so kind and welcoming. I wish them all the happiness in the world. 

I had the opportunity to shoot this wedding with Andrea Flanagan Photography. This is what I saw that day. 

~Villani Photos