I want everyone to feel amazing when they step in front of my camera, so I put together some quick styling tips to make sure you feel confident for your photo session. 

 The first thing I tell all of my clients is to wear something that makes them feel attractive and confident. This suggestion can work for all types of photo sessions, whether it's for an engagement, family photos, maternity, high school seniors or any other type. 


Coordinate your clothes, but don't match. I always tell my clients to choose three to four colors to incorporate into their clothing. Have one be your "pop color" and the rest be fairly neutral tones. 

Avoid any bold patterns. I want the main focus of the photos to be on you and your loved ones. If you do wear any patterns, have them be simple and only have one person wear a pattern. 

Pull colors in. Now that you have your outfit nailed down, it's time to figure out what the rest of your loved ones are going to wear. Have them use the other colors in the color palette that you chose and pull in the colors. For example if you are wearing a neutral tone shirt with a blue scarf, your fiancé could wear a blue plaid shirt and pull in the colors from your scarf. 

The most important thing is to feel good and confident during your session. So if you feel good in makeup, do your normal look. If you don't like to wear makeup, go with an amount that you are comfortable with or nothing at all. I will tell you if anything looks out of place and we will find a solution that leaves you feeling camera ready. Feel free to send me photos of what you would like to wear before the session, and I can give you some specific advice.