Surround Yourself with Talent, Love and Support

I've been wanting to blog for a while and I am so excited to finally start. I thought I would start off with introducing myself and where I am on in my journey through life. My name is Kristin Cacciavillani and I am creating my own wedding photography business, Villani Photos. I constantly hear people say that they weren't able to have a mentor, but I am fortunate to have many. 

My father is a professional videographer for his own company, Network Productions. He started this company over 30 years and has done some amazing things. He taped Miley Cyrus' 16 birthday, shot for Food Network and many other impressive channels. He begrudging loans me equipment, critiques my work and advises me as I try to follow in his footsteps. My fiancé, Nick, and him have an amazing relationship. Nick immediately gravitated towards video where I always knew I loved photography more. He is able to do video and audio work full time and I have never seen him happier. 

I also have a photography mentor, Morgan Mendez owner of Lady Ilg Photography. I found a year old ad that she was looking for a second shooter and reached out. We met at a Pannera Bread where the wrong lady flagged me down. After a few awkward moments and the wrong interviewer discovering I wasn't Joy, I met Morgan. She helped me find my style and has encouraged me so much. 

I have to shout out to my amazing family, especially my mother and sister. They have been my mentor my entire life. I have always felt like no matter what it was, I could try it. They are so amazing and so supportive. I always feel like I have a safety net and am so loved and blessed. 

I feel so lucky that I am able to be surrounded by so much talent, love and support. I can't wait to see what unfolds and continue to grow as a photographer and person. 


~Villani Photos