I always say that my love of wedding photography comes from my love of relationships and I fell in love with love when I feel in love with Nick. Our relationship is my everything and I cherish it, but that doesn't mean they're aren't good and bad times. 

We have recently both started working only freelance. The good news is we have a lot of time to spend together, the bad news we have a lot of time to spend together. We are navigating a foreign world filled with the stress of having our relationship tested as well as individual stress to build a successful business and be financial OK and on top of that, we are planning a wedding. My good friend shared some advice with me and I wanted to share it and everything else I have learned during the hard times. 

Give your partner 10 (but never actually count) things they do that you blindly accept and don't criticize. Whether it's the laundry they constantly leave beside the bed or they way they run away when they are angry, you accept it. 

You don't fixate on who cares more. 

I heard a story about a mother who made burnt toast for dinner and when the father ate it, he told his wife he loved it. The daughter later ask why he did that and he said that it was because the mother was stressed and tired and he didn't want to upset her. You learn when to eat burnt toast and when to put your needs aside to help your partner and in return you hope they do the same. 

I absolutely do not know everything about relationships, but this is a piece of what I know today. 

~Villani Photos