I constantly hear people say equipment doesn't make the photographer. And although I believe this, I think awesome equipment can always help. As a wedding photographer, you have one chance to capture a couples wedding, and having great equipment allows me to not constantly worry about my limitations and instead focus on the magic of the day. 

I have made huge strides in equipment this year. The beginning of this year I finally upgraded my camera. I now am the super proud owner of a Canon 5D mark III. I have a Canon 70-200 USM ISII F/2.8, a 50 mm prime lens F/1.8 and 24-105 F/4. I have fallen in love with lighting and enjoy using strobes in my photography. I personally believe it is lighting that can take a photo to the next level. It is something that I think anyone at any level can always be learning something new and I love that. 

As any wedding photographer, I have a huge wish list, but I am trying to be happy with what I have for now. The UPS lady knows me by name and I have no shortage of Amazon boxes, but I am so proud of how much I have been able to upgrade my equipment. I got my first camera in the 90's with $50's worth of prize money I won from a poetry contest. My baby steps have become a giant leap. 

~Villani Photos